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Motorhome MOTs Northampton

All commercial and private vehicles plying on the roads of the United Kingdom must undergo a mandatory MOT test after 3 years from registration. The test checks every detail of an automobile and reaffirms its roadworthiness, driving safety and emissions.

The DVSA is the controlling authority which oversees that this test is conducted for every vehicle barring vintage cars and some other exceptions. This Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency authorises more than 20,000 MOT testing stations and keeps a tab on their legal and technical capabilities for testing.

If you live in or around Northamptonshire and own a motorhome, visit our facility- Jackson’s MOT Centre- for your yearly Motorhome MOTs Northampton.

MOT tests for motorhomes

Our technicians have noticed that many of our clients who own motorhomes have confusions over whether their vehicles fall under Class IV or V.

First of all, let us clarify that all motorhomes and motor caravans are classified under Class IV. Thus, MOT in Northampton for motorhomes is no different from any ordinary passenger cars like hatchbacks, sedans and crossovers.

What does the MOT check cover?

The following is an abbreviated list of all the aspects which Motorhome MOTs Northampton cover.

  • Exhausts and emissions: The testing facility has to ensure that the emissions are clear of noxious fumes which usually comprise of sulphur dioxide and CO. At Jackson’s MOT Centre, we use handheld devices to test emissions.
  • Seat belts and steering: These are safety features which should ideally be in top shape. Seat belts are tested for any damage, loss of elasticity and wear. The steering wheel and column are checked for cracks, illegal modifications and other issues.
  • Windscreen and mirrors: The front and rear windscreens will be checked for chipping, wear, UV damage and other problems. Furthermore, all external mirrors will be tested likewise. If any of these parts are found in bad shape, your vehicle may fail the MOT test.
  • Horns: Your motorhome’s horn must be loud enough to warn other motorists on the roads. The loudness level should also not go beyond a certain decibel, however.
  • Tyres and wheels: These are checked for wear, re-treading, tread depth, and alignment &balancing problems.
  • Lights: Both internal and external lights should be in good shape. Of special concern are the headlights and hazard lights. At Jackson’s MOT Centre, we will test these thoroughly. We have seen several cars fail their MOTs because of faulty lights.
  • Brakes: The braking system will be tested extensively during Motorhome MOTs Northampton. All elements will have to pass rigorous standards for maximum safety and efficiency.Body and structure: The body should be in proper shape. Shoddy repairs and any serious disfigurements caused by accidents must not be present. One example would be a door that does not open properly due to body damage.
  • Suspension: A motorhome is bigger than most Class IV cars. Its suspension system should be found in proper shape and must pass exacting standards.
  • Wiring and battery:Finally, all electrical wiring and electronic appliances have to be okay. The battery must not leak and should be able to maintain a continuous discharge level.

If you were planning to take the Motorhome MOTs Northampton this year, note that the Government has announced an extension of 6 months for all cars whose test dates fell before March 30, 2020.

Are you searching “MOT checker near me”?

We ask you to try our services once; we are sure you will not be disappointed! Our technicians will also check MOT historyof your vehicle and ensure it aces the test.

Else, we will take all measures to enable it to pass the test in the next instance.

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