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MOT - Northampton - Jacksons MOT Centre

Welcome to our Jacksons MOT Centre information page about MOT's

The way to the test certificate

The MOT Test is a legal requirement for all cars and vehicles over 3 years old.  The purpose of the test is to ensure your vehicle meets the minimum safety requirements set by VOSA.  Without a valid MOT certificate your insurance policy and road tax become invalidated and therefore you may face not only a £30 fixed penalty notice for not having a valid MOT certificate, but also 6 Penalty points on your license.  Your vehicle may also be seized and you will have to pay £105 for recovery from the police compound.

Worst of all, your car could not be road worthy and should you be involved in a road traffic collision, you could end up killing or seriously hurting yourself or members of the public.

At Jacksons MOT Centre, we take the stress out of booking your car in for an MOT. We can even offer to collect and drop your car off.  So why not call or email us about your servicing and MOT requirements.

What are the benefits of having your vehicle's MOT test done at Jacksons MOT Centre in Northampton?

  • We have 2 purpose built MOT inspection ramps
  • We have Northamptonshire's only MOT inspection pit for large vehicles, such as motor homes and limousines
  • We employ 4 full time MOT VOSA qualified inspectors
  • We cover Class 4, Class 5, Class 5 Light, Class 7 tests
  • We specialise in Taxis, mini buses, vans and ambulances

Why not combine your yearly vehicle service with your MOT test?  It will save you time as you only need to bring the vehicle to us once.  All maintenance work will be done before the MOT testing - any shortcomings repaired.

These are the points checked during an MOT test:


  • Does the vehicle identification number match the documents?
  • Does the steering wheel lock and tachometer work?
  • Number plate correctly installed, intact and readable?
  • First aid box (current) and breakdown triangle available?

Does the lighting control work?

  • Are all lamp housings undamaged and do all lamp units work (headlights, taillights, parking lamps, daytime running lights, brake lights, reversing lights, direction indicators, fog lamps and tail lamps, license plate lighting)?
  • Are reflector surfaces in headlights undamaged and not oxidized?


  • Is the brake free?
  • Are hoses, pipes, linings, washers / drums intact?
  • Is there sufficient brake fluid (see marking in the compensator)?
  • Does the hand brake work properly? (Does not clean properly and does not peel?)
  • Is there a travel reserve for pedal and lever travel?
  • Are the rubber pads on the pedals intact?
  • Is the vehicle pulling to one direction when braking?

Chassis / Drive

  • Are the cuffs on the steering, drive shafts etc. intact?
  • Are frames or load bearing parts heavily rusted?
  • Are the shock absorbers ok or is there any oil leakage?
  • Does the engine or gearbox need oil?
  • Are all fuel lines and hoses tight?

Wheels and tyres

  • Do the tyres have a profile of at least 1.6mm?
  • Have the tyres run evenly?
  • Are the tyre size and name entered in the vehicle documents?
  • Are the tyres pointing in the right direction?
  • Are the tyres undamaged? (Bumps, cuts, cracks, holes, nails?)
  • Are the rims undamaged? (Small scratches do not matter, but cracks or deformations are relevant.)
  • Is the tyre pressure (also the spare tire) correct?

Documents required for MOT:

  • Vehicle registration certificate - V5
  • Appointment letter from VOSA
  • Your current MOT certificate or refusal notice
  • General operating license for special accessories (for example, sports steering wheel)

Exhaust / noise development

  • Exhaust system tight and properly installed?
  • Does the car soot or blue smoke come out of the exhaust?

Electrical system

  • Are all the control lamps working (at start-up, all the lamps in the instrument cluster have to be briefly switched off and then switched off again after starting and releasing the handbrake).
  • Is the instrument lighting intact?
  • Are any fault messages displayed on the vehicle dynamics systems (ESP or ABS light illuminated)?
  • Is the car battery in good condition, appropriately fixed and the battery's positive pole is covered?
  • Does horn and heating fan work?
  • Electrical connections solid / intact and not oxidized? Visible wires intact or not ?
  • Does the trailer coupling work?


  • Is the steering easy and precise?
  • Is the steering system vibrating or jogging while driving?
  • Is the steering wheel straight when driving straight ahead?
  • Is there any game in the steering?

Panes / glass

  • Is the front pane undamaged? (No stone impact in the field of view or cracks in the disk.)
  • Does the windshield washer system work and are windscreen wipers intact?
  • Are the rearview mirrors undamaged and correctly installed?

MOT prices:

MOT's from £40

  • Class 4 - £40
  • Class 5 - £50
  • Class 7 - £50
  • Taxi Test - £85
  • If you have any additional questions or want to book your vehicle in, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you- and look after your vehicle soon.

For MOT Bookings, Repairs and Quotes Call 01604 750330 or Email