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Cambelt Change Northampton

Cambelt change - Northampton

Many cars require a new cam belt. If it is not changed as required, it can have serious consequences - up to the engine damage. Our experts give advice on when and how to change and what costs are to be expected.

Is the cambelt in the car really a "ticking time bomb"? The fact is, you should never delay changing the cam belt, because when the belt tears, it almost always causes expensive engine damage. For older vehicles, it could even mean economic total damage.

What does the car need the cam belt for?

The cam belt actually performs a very important function on the engine. It connects the camshaft to the crankshaft. The camshaft simplifies the opening and closing of the valves and thus the supply of the engine with fuel. The crankshaft, on the other hand, converts the resulting thermal energy into mechanical energy, which is then transmitted to the transmission and later to the wheels. The toothed belt is also referred to as a control belt and is often made of several materials, including rubber or plastic.

Cam belts

How is the exchange carried out?

The cam belt is very close to the engine in many car models and is therefore often difficult to access. In the worst case, the change can only take place with the motor removed. Our experts at Jacksons MOT Centre try to avoid this if possible as the cost then quickly rises due to the high expenditure.

After removal of possible covers, which protects the belt, the cam belt tensioner can be released and the actual exchange can take place. In addition, the wedge rib belt must be removed beforehand, so that during the course of the cambelt change, the cambelt replacement of the same can be provided with many models.

Important when changing the cam belt is that the positions of all gears are exactly marked. If errors occur here, you might have engine damage immediately after restarting the vehicle. Therefore it is advisable only to get the work done by real experts.  We, at Jacksons MOT Centre, have the right experts and the most advanced tools so you can be sure, the job is being done right.

Not only the belt is exchanged

When changing, the corresponding tensioning and deflection pulleys are exchanged. These ensure that the cam belt is guided correctly and has the correct tension. Especially in the case of older vehicles, the water pump is also driven via the cam belt. If this is the case, an exchange is worthwhile. In modern vehicles, however, both the water pump and the alternators are driven separately via the V-ribbed belt.

When should you change?

The exact change intervals are individually specified by the manufacturers for each motor type of each model series. Here, as in general, there are extreme fluctuations in inspection and maintenance, so that the manufacturer's specifications are ultimately between 35,000 miles (on older models) and 150,000 miles (on modern vehicles). In the case of the VW Golf V 2.0 FSI, for example, the change interval is 120,000 miles. In an older VW Passat 1.9 TDI from the year 2003, however, at 56,000 miles.

Visual inspection about every 20,000 miles

However, this does not mean that a regular visual inspection - for example in the context of a yearly inspection/service - would not be appropriate. A test every 20,000 miles is generally advisable. In particular, in the case of vehicle holders which only cover very small distances, it should be noted that the belt can also be porous even with a short operating time. As a rule of thumb, a first change should be made after about six years. However, the exact time specifications also vary from model to model. It is also important to consult the previous cam belt changes according to the running performance.

What are the costs?

The cost varies depending on model, engine and age of the vehicle. Before we start working on your vehicle, we will certainly have a closer look at it in order to give you an estimate.  But please do not worry, our prices are very reasonable. We will always do our best to keep the costs down for our customers.

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