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Wheel Alignment Northampton

Wheel alignment/Tracking

While driving, the vehicle pulls more and more to the left or to the right, it bursts or squeaks in turns, unclean on steering movements, or the steering wheel is tilted when the car is not driving. Every car driver has experienced at least one of these "symptoms" before: Every single one of these symptoms indicates that the axle geometry of the vehicle is no longer correct. Such a wrong track setting on the vehicle also has an effect on the tyres: these are increasingly used on one side and have an increased rolling resistance.

The consequences of misaligned vehicle axles are noticeable:

Wheel Alignment Northampton

Deficient straight line of the vehicle

Increased one-sided tyre wear

Reduced ground adhesion and running performance of the wheels

Increased fuel consumption and therefore higher costs

Greater environmental impact

Reduced driving safety

Higher risk for expensive follow-up costs

Causes of misalignment

There are many different reasons for the wheel suspension being "out of track". The axle geometry of a vehicle can get out of balance when:

Driving over bumpy roads and pot holes etc.

Crossing of curbs and sloops


When is a check of the axis geometry necessary?

At least once a year or after every 12,000 miles of running time, our Jackson's MOT Centre experts recommend checking / correcting the axle geometry. In any case, a review should take place in the following cases:

After an accident.

After a tyre change.

When a tyre shows unusually strong and uneven wear.

If the handling is unstable and/or the vehicle is lurching.

If the driving behavior deteriorates or fuel consumption increases.

PROFESSIONAL AND PRECISE: Wheel alignment/tracking at Jackson's MOT Centre in Northampton

The effects of a displaced front axle or rear axle which deviate from the ideal position can thus be not only expensive, but also dangerous. The professional, precise axle alignment at Jackson's creates an effective remedy here. We use state-of-the-art 3D measurement technology to check how much the axle of your vehicle is out of balance. This way, we can optimally align the track and the camber during wheel alignment and axis adjustment:

We perform a visual inspection of the tyre profiles We check the setting values of the front axle or front axle and rear axle We then adjust the track, camber and caster according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer to the axle geometry

After the wheel alignment and axis adjustment, you will receive a free alignment certificate from us, which allows you to compare the values before and after the measurement and adjustment of the vehicle axle

Our advice: Do not only get the wheel suspension or axle of your vehicle checked if you notice any of the above signs for a misalignment.

Make an appointment of wheel alignment northampton from Jackson'c MOT Centre workshop today. We will bring your vehicle back on track - safely and quickly!

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