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Van Servicing

Whether you use your van for work or recreational activities, it is imperative to keep it in top condition to avoid expensive repairs and MOT failures. Only routine van servicing Northampton can ensure your vehicle’s continued smooth performance, irrespective of the terrain and weather conditions.

Jackson’s MOT Centre is Northampton’s undisputed van specialist, offering exceptional servicing along with necessary repairs and part replacements. We are known to provide thorough van maintenance services such that your vehicle aces MOT tests without any hassle.

No matter if you drive a Ford Transit Custom or a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, our servicing packages cover every essential check and repair for all vans.

Jackson’s MOT Centre – Specialising in van servicing and repairs

Our van service in Northampton is inclusive of the following checks:

  1. Troubleshooting electronic parts: During our van servicing Northampton, the professionals will thoroughly diagnose your van’s electrical components for signs of fault. These include battery check, alternator, solenoid, spark plugs, fuses, etc. In case the issue is beyond repair, we will replace the parts.
  2. Exhaust: Your van’s exhaust system needs to function optimally for the vehicle to remain compliant with the emission standards. Our experts can effectively detect faults in the catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, muffler, exhaust pipe, etc. to ensure that you pass an MOT with ease.
  3. Brakes: Worn-out brake pads can drastically affect your van’s stability, thereby increasing the chances of accidents. Do not fret as our technicians can carry accurate brake inspection and conduct excellent brake replacement services.
  4. Suspension: If you are experiencing an increasingly bumpy ride, it’s time to reach our experts at Jackson’s MOT Centre.

In the scope of our van repairs Northampton, you can rely on us for a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s suspension system along with hassle-free shock absorber repairs.

  1. Wheel alignment: We use state-of-the-art wheel alignment technology to accurately adjust your van’s wheel angles. This ensures that you enjoy optimum handling experience and safety.

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also provide the following checks:

  1. Oil change,
  2. Tyre and wheel change,
  3. Clutch and gearbox repairs,
  4. Retrofitting and cleaning of particle filters,
  5. Air conditioning system,
  6. Timing belt, etc.

We are the #1 garage in Northampton when it comes to routine servicing and repairs in case your van has been in an accident. All our servicing and repairs are done, keeping in mind that your van is safe and roadworthy as per the Road Traffic Act 1988.

You can avail interim servicing (every 6 months/6,000 miles) or full service (12 months/12,000 miles) from us. We also offer seasonal checks for summers and winters.

End your “van service near me” searches with us

Van owners in and around Northampton have been trustingus for years.

We use only modern tools and equipment for precise van servicing Northampton. Moreover, our technicians continuously hone their skills to acquire in-depth knowledge about all van parts. While conducting part replacements as required, we provide OE for ensuring quality and performance.

Allow our experienced van specialists to help you out. Call us at +44 1604750330 to book a service. You can also drive to our centre onWestbridge Depot, St James’ Mill Rd, Northampton NN5 5JW, UK.

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