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A defective exhaust can lead to many unpleasant consequences: besides risking pollution of your environment with noise and exhaust emissions, you also risk an accident on the road.  If, for example, the muffler has been riddled, it could fall off during the journey and thus endanger other road users.

In addition, a broken exhaust can reduce engine power and lead to increased fuel consumption.  Therefore you should have the exhaust system checked by the specialist at least once a year.

At Jacksons MOT Centre in Northampton, we repair and renew all parts of the exhaust system of your car or van - from the manifold to the end of the catalytic converter.  Our low-cost exhaust system includes the visual inspection of the exhaust system, the removal of the worn parts, the professional installation of spare parts and accessories, a safety test for leakages and correct fit as well as the environmentally sound disposal of the old exhaust parts.

If you think something is not right with your vehicle's exhaust or have any specific questions, please get in touch.  Either give us a call, send us an email or simply come over to see us.  Our highly trained experts will have a good look and give you advice.

Remember, exhaust repair - Jacksons MOT Centre in Northampton.

Ask for our range of sport exhaust systems and tuning tailpipes!

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