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Transmisson & Gearboxes

Gearboxes and transmission - Northampton

Simply a class of its own!

Welcome to Jackson's MOT Centre in Northampton, your specialist for gearbox and transmission repairs.

If you are looking for competent experts in the field of gearbox repairs, then you have just found the right people.

We make sure that the problems with your gearbox / transmission are solved quickly, cost effective and to your full satisfaction.

Our company specializes in the maintenance and repair of manual gearboxes of any car make on the market. Of course, we also carry out all other repairs and maintenance work as a specialised vehicle workshop. In all areas of work we have the greatest professional competence and many years of experience.

Our goal is to find the best solution for every task and to implement it as good as possible.

Fault analysis: Many gearbox problems are associated with electronic faults. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out proper vehicle diagnostics. For this purpose, the transmission is read out and checked with the error code analysis in the installed state.

Gearbox repair: We offer the repair of your own gearbox or a general overhaul replacement gearbox with and without removal and installation. The gearbox is completely disassembled into small parts and cleaned before we investigate the cause of the problem. The defective gear unit and the related components are replaced by original spare parts of the manufacturer, including all wearing parts (bearing, steel and lining slats as well as paper seals, O-rings, oil seals, etc.). Then it is adjusted according to manufacturer's specifications and put together.

Oil change for automatic gearbox: Only the oil, which is located in the oil pan, is drained (depending on vehicle and gearbox type approx. 3 - 6 liters). However, a residual oil is still in the gearbox, cooler, converter, couplings and switch box. For newer vehicles, the converter can no longer be emptied. In this case, the transmission oil filter and the oil drain seal should be replaced. For some transmission types (Volvo 5-speed, Audi-Multitronic ...), the oil filter can not be replaced without opening the transmission.

Whether and with which service we will give your gearbox a new life, you can clarify best directly at our workshop. We will be happy to help, give advice and provide you with an estimate.

Gearbox/transmission - Northampton - Jackson's MOT Centre

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