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Brake service - Northampton


Do you know if your brakes are OK, when your brake system was checked last time or the brake fluid changed? Is there a "funny" squealing- or grinding noise when you step on the brake, does the vehicle "judder" or is your car pulling to one side when braking

Make sure you make an appointment at Jackson's MOT Centre ASAP and have the brake discs, brake pads, brake fluid and brake lines on your vehicle checked by our car service experts and get parts replaced if necessary.

The brakes are undoubtedly the most important components of a vehicle when it comes to safety. Therefore, always make sure that your brakes do not wear out, as problems with the brake discs or brake drums may occur and the braking effect will be reduced. Possible consequences are a prolonged stopping distance or a pull to one side, which can become a real danger for you and others in road traffic

Jackson's MOT Centre Northampton - to make your brakes brake properly!

As part of our braking test, we check not only the mechanical parts of your brake, such as the brake discs, brake pads, the brake pedal, the brake drums and the brake pads, but also check the electronics (ABS & Co.) and hydraulics and ensure that all parts run smoothly and work together. So you can always rely on your brakes!

If you would like to visit Jackson's MOT Centre, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to give advice on vehicle care - and brake care in particular.

We only replace what really needs replacing and our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Brakes - Northampton - Jackson's MOT Centre