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Tyre Pressure

The regular control of the tyre's air pressure may be unpopular - too little air, however, leads in extreme cases to a punctured tyre, but basically affects the driving safety and leads to increased wear and fuel consumption. A regular check is therefore indispensable.

Less air - less safety.

Too low air pressure can be dangerous, as driving tests show with correct and too low tyre pressure. The testers found that already a minus of just 0.5 bar ensures noticeably insecure driving characteristics. Thus, the sprinting control in turns can decrease by about half and the braking distance can be extended by several meters.

Less grip at bends.

When cornering on a wet road, the specially loaded front wheel of the curve can transmit only about 80% of the forces of a correctly filled tire at a reduced pressure of 0.5 bar. At 1.0 bar the value drops below 70%.

In practice this means that the vehicle drifts out of the curve. In the case of lane change maneuvers, the speed is slower because the stability is absent. ESP can also only help to a limited extent in these situations. If the pressure is too low, the transmittable lateral forces are reduced to almost half. When the vehicle is fully loaded, this tendency is increased again.

Longer braking distance.

Too little air already on a single front wheel considerably increases the braking distance - on wet roads by approx. 10% at 1.0 bar air deficit. It is also important to note that the ABS can not work optimally due to the different tyre characteristics.

Less air - higher costs

Too little air costs good money: the higher the rolling resistance due to lower air pressure, the higher the fuel consumption - it can be up to 0.3 l per 60 miles. In addition, the tyre wears significantly faster.

The conclusion is clear: The correct tyre pressure is very important. Therefore it is essential to check the tyre pressure at least every 14 days. Automatic tyre pressure monitoring systems, identified, offer a very good support here, which is why the car manufacturers should equip all models with this feature.

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