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Summer Checks

Summer complete check for your car at Jacksons MOT Centre Northampton

Our contribution to your safety

Summer time is travel time!  But before you start into your well-deserved holiday, it is essential to check the functionality of your car/camper van etc. carefully.  After all, you want to be relaxed and secure at your destination, right?  Be on the safe side - have your car checked out at a low price at Jacksons MOT Centre!  We will be happy to advise you and tell you what you need to be safe on the road to your holiday destination.  Jacksons MOT Centre makes your Vehicle fit for the holidays!

What does Jacksons MOT Centre Summer check package contain?

Electronic fault memory with diagnostic device.  With our special diagnostic system we check whether there are any errors in your vehicle equipment.

This allows you to carry out any necessary repairs before your holiday to avoid any expensive repairs away from home.

Battery test

We check the battery capacity and see if the battery is at the end of its life and needs to be recharged.

Functional check of the lighting system, because a good functioning lighting system is essential for your safety.

Functional check of windshield washer and wiper blades.  We will check if your screen wash is working properly and the filling capacity is optimal. We also check the condition of your wiper blades.

Check windscreen for damage.   A chipping in the windshield can lead to large cracks.  Have stone chips repaired as soon as possible.  This will save you a costly windscreen replacement.


We check the condition, the profile depth as well as the air pressure of your tyres.  If the air pressure does not correspond to the recommended value, this is adjusted by us.  The correct air pressure is very important for your safety and also responsible for the fuel consumption and the service life of your tyres.  Too low air pressure increases the wear of your tyres, too high air pressure could lead to an overload.

Visual inspection of the brake system, including brake fluid test.  We perform a visual inspection of the entire brake system: brake discs, brake pads, brake hoses and hand brake cables.  You will, of course, be informed about any repairs.

Visual inspection of the exhaust system and suspensions.  We make a visual inspection of the entire exhaust system, as well as check whether the suspensions are porous in your car.

Engine oil level / power steering oil level and coolant level.  We check the level of all liquids, if necessary you will be informed about them and we will refill the liquids with top up products at very reasonable prices.

Air condition

We check the function of your air condition and measure the outflow temperature.

Now Summer can come!

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