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Mapping & Re-mapping

Full power for you and your vehicle - Mapping/Re-mapping - Northampton at Jacksons MOT Centre!

What is Mapping?

All modern engines are controlled by a computer in the vehicle - the so called Engine control unit (ECU).  All parameters like injection quantity, ignition timing, speed control, engine torque, temperature, etc. are monitored by this control unit.  Mapping is about adapting the software in this device in a targeted manner so that the vehicle runs with more power, more torque but with less fuel - of course, always taking into account the respective engine data of the individual vehicle.

About Jacksons MOT Centre


We focus our work on the needs of our customers.  However, we are not only regarded as an innovative, qualified and reliable partner in Mapping/Re-mapping.  Our goal is to set new standards and efficiently combine our solutions in terms of technology, functionality and quality with your individual requirements. This means: always full power for you and your vehicle!


Our Jacksons MOT Centre tuning specialists are able to offer two ways to efficiently increase the performance of your vehicle:

Mapping via the OBD interface;

With a mobile application, we first create an individual performance profile of your vehicle.  All vehicle-related data for the determination of the wheel, engine and power losses as well as the torque are recorded and then overwritten.  This guarantees a balanced performance and torque growth and can also lead to a lower fuel consumption.

Performance with digital tuning boxes


The tuning box is a tried-and-tested additional electronic device for simple and efficient performance enhancement.  The optimization of various motor parameters increases the power and torque by up to 30 percent.  Fuel consumption can also drop here.  The box can be removed at any time without residue.

Do you want your vehicle to run smoother and more powerful, respond faster - and save fuel?

Then Mapping/Re-mapping might be just the solution for you.  Please speak to our specialists.  Either call our tuning specialists on 01604 750330 or simply come to see them at our workshop.

They will be happy to answer all your questions and show you what they can do.

Mapping - Northampton - Jacksons MOT Centre

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