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4x4/SUV Tyres

Not only for tough off-road use.

Off-road tyres are mainly used for off-road vehicles and SUVs with four-wheel drive, which is why they are also referred to as SUV or 4x4 tyres. These tyre types have a coarse profile, the tread of which is designed for hard use on unpaved roads and heavy terrain.

Suv Tyres

As with every tyre type, there are different models for different occasions. They can basically be grouped into three groups: the so-called street-terrain tyre (ST) for use on normal roads, the hybrid all-terrain tyre (AT) for use on normal roads as well as for the terrain; The mud Terrain Tyre (MT) for main use on rough terrain. In general: The more your vehicle drives on terrain, the more rough the profile blocks of your tyres should be.

However, SUVs and off-road vehicles are becoming more and more popular, so that an increasing number of tyre producers are not just taking off-road tyres into their portfolio, but also produce them in a season-specific way - as a summer tyre, a winter tyre and even all-season tyre. Examples include Continental, Dunlop and Michelin.

Jacksons MOT Centre offers a wide range of off-road tyres.

At Jacksons MOT Centre Northampton, you will find a large selection of 4x4/SUV tyres in all sizes, tread patterns and price categories. We offer you cheap SUV summer tyres and SUV winter tyres as well as SUV all-season tyres for different vehicle types and from all well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda, Michelin and many, many more. Just type in the tyre size you need for your vehicle, see what we have to offer and order. Within a few minutes, your new tyres are sorted. You can also decide whether you want to opt for home delivery or simply book a fitting appointment with us.

Any questions or not sure which tyres to buy? Let our experts advise you and find the most suitable tyre for your needs.  Just give us a call or come to see us.

Our full service includes the complete assembly of your new tyres (including balancing and wheel wash), wheel alignment (if needed) and much more.